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These posts may not make sense if you haven’t read the rest of the blog.  While I feel very confident in my decision, I currently still struggle to cope with such a dramatic change to my culture and belief system.  Some of my family and friends have been supportive and understanding.  Some have been quite the opposite, even going so far as to shun me.

In some of these posts, I discuss dealing with the repercussions.  In others I discuss my ever-evolving belief system.  In some, I try to explain why I feel a certain way.

Me, myself and I

Why I Feel Lied To

What I Like About the Church

What I Dislike About the Church

Science (oohhhh scary!)

Noah’s Ark

The Age of the Earth

The Hill Cumorah


Moral conundrums

Nephi Slaying Laban

The Binding of Isaac

Is the Church a Cult?

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