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What I Like About the Church

Most of the gospel principles taught

With a few exceptions, the Christian principles taught within the church are uplifting and what I still strongly believe in. The church also does a really good job of teaching them.

The concept of eternal families

It’s comforting to believe in the basic premise of it.

Most of the Word of Wisdom

I will be forever grateful that the church helped me resist ever trying alcohol, tobacco, and drugs at a time of my life when I likely would not have handled them responsibly.

The people

By and large, Mormons are really good people.

95% of what comes out of the church leaders

Throughout this blog I may have poked holes, quoted ugly statements, and pointed out inconsistencies in their teachings. But the majority of what comes out of their mouths in the modern times (post racism, polygamy, etc.) is great stuff.  They just need to stick to faith, hope, charity, and love instead of homosexuality and bullying.

Chastity until marriage

Even if I didn’t believe it was a moral issue, I think it is for the most part a good thing. To have only shared that special experience with my wife, and know that she has only shared it with me, is a very comforting thing.

It helped me during my teenage years

I believe, in retrospect, that attending early morning seminary and starting out my day that way helped me avoid a lot of problems in high school.

Many of the events in my life came about indirectly from my church membership

Certainly the one that stands out is meeting my wife. Although I don’t believe the church is directly responsible, it’s also undeniable that I likely never would have met her if not for the church.

The Perpetual Education Fund

Good stuff.

Other, more secular things that I was taught

I’m grateful for Boy Scouts (doubtful my parents would have involved me without the church), frugality, preparation for emergencies, and other secular things I learned.

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